Backyard Chickens

We receive lots of questions about people wanting to have chickens in their backyard.  Regardless of what city or town you live in, each municipality is going to have their own rules/regulations/requirements.

Please find below a link for each city and their requirements:

Wichita Falls: go to:

on the left hand side, choose “Code of Ordinances”,
scroll down to “Part II”,
scroll down to “Chapter 14-Animals”,
choose “Article 3-Permits”,
choose “Division 1-Generally”,
choose “Sec. 14-109.-Fowl Permit”

Iowa Park:go to:
choose “Chapter 2-Animal Control”
choose “Article 2.06-Keeping Livestock, Fowl, Pigeons or Other Animals
choose “Sec. 2.06.008     Keeping fowl, rabbits or pigeons”
If you have any questions please call the animal control officer, housed within the Iowa Park Police Department 940-592-2181

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