Here are some pics of cotton harvest. One pic is from over 1 ½ bale/acre. Reports of some fields harvested over 2 bales/acre—Dry land cotton.



PASTURE GRASSBUR CONTROL:  Pasture Grassbur Control


PECAN NUT CASEBEARER: watch-out-for-pecan-nut-casebearer    Controlling the Pecan Nut Casebearer



The best window of time to trap wild pigs is about to close

Responses to the Feral Hog Problem

Texas Agriculture Commissioner announces TAC rule change for feral hog toxicant

RAT CONTROL:  ratcontrol_1pager_9-14-16


Zika Virus:


AG CHEMOGRAM:  Ag Chemogram 12-15


Mesquite Control
Basic info on controlling mesquite can be found on the following website:
Go to the section under Archived Webinars and then select Mesquite- How to Treat!!
If you would like a copy of the summary of this information, just let us know and we’ll send it to you.

TreeShrub_ Borers EB-5086

Khaki weed

Brush & Weed Control ERM-1466

Estimating Rainwater Capacity Needs

Rainwater Harvesting EXTENSION BOOKLET

Water Primrose in Ponds

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